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A.C. Flora First Five Years Foundation Fund

Higher, higher flies the falcon... Make a tax-deductible donation to the AC FLORA FIRST FIVE YEARS FOUNDATION Scholarhip Fund... For Good, For Ever!


50 by 50



History of the A.C. Flora First Five Years Foundation
and NOW as of 2013 ... A.C. Flora First
FIFTY Years Foundation

The purpose of this foundation is to provide scholarships to deserving A.C. Flora graduating  students who will be furthering their education in an institution of higher learning that is an accredited junior or senior college or university. 

Prior to the 1998 First Five Years Reunion, many classmates contributed money to provide scholarships for A.C. Flora students, and from these donations six graduating students were each awarded a $1000 scholarship in the Spring of 2001.  Then Mr. O. Wilson Farrell, father of Charlie Farrell who was president of the A.C. Flora student body in 1962, gave $10,000 for a scholarship fund for students graduating from A.C. Flora.  In December 2001  Charlie Farrell placed the money his father had given in Trust with Central Carolina Community Foundation and established the AC FLORA FIRST FIVE YEARS FOUNDATION to provide scholarships for deserving seniors graduating from Flora.  The Foundation Agreement Document, which also outlines the criteria for receiving the scholarship, is on our website for you to read. During the planning of the 2005 reunion, additional funds were donated by alumni in order to establish a scholarship in honor of Mrs. Mozelle Shipp, the retired director of Mays Park who was an important 'teacher' to many Falcons in the community.  It soon became increasingly clear that that it was now our responsibility to increase this fund in order to provide additional scholarships for students and the goal was set for "50 x 50"... $50,000 by the 50th Anniversary of AC Flora!  In October 2009, after the sudden and unexpected death of Cynthia Edwards McCrary, (class of 69), Cynthia's classmates began raising money to endow a scholarship in Cynthia's memory and in honor of her life's work as a dedicated teacher.  Thanks to a generous challenge grant in mid-November 2009 by an anonymous Falcon and the overwhelming alumni response to that challenge, our goal of 50 x 50 became a reality in December 2009!  Higher, higher flies the Falcon!

This is just the beginning. We need everyone's continued help and support. Now is a great time to make tax-deductible donations that will allow us to pass on to future alumnae some of the opportunities that we were given as students at A.C. Flora.  It is also an opportunity to show appreciation to those teachers and people who have made a difference in our lives by giving a donation "in honor of" or "in memory of" those special, important people.  Donations given "in honor of" and "in memory of" will be listed on this web page and letters of acknowledgement will be sent to the person honored  or to a family member of the person remembered.

The following classes and people have risen to the challenge and we invite you to follow their lead and example.  In the beginning, we awarded two scholarships in '06, '07, '08, and '09. Beginning in 2010 to present, five scholarships are given each year. Our goal is to increase the number and amount of scholarships each year as the fund grows.  Your support is vital to the success of what we will be able to do in the future... financial support is what most of us think of first but without the support of personal time, talent, and effort to contact and share this information with others, we will be limited in reaching our highest potential. Individually we can make a difference, together we can make a big difference. Won't you please join us and give your support in whatever way you can as we fly to a higher level?   "For Good. For Ever!"

Fund Balance (reported quarterly) as of July 01, 2013:  $79,992.26


DONATIONS TO THE FUND IN HONOR OF MRS. MOZELLE SHIPP (retired director of Mays Park and mother of Dottie Shipp Hogan '62 and Sharon Shipp Derham '64) HAVE BEEN RECEIVED FROM THE FOLLOWING:

DONATIONS TO THE FUND IN MEMORY OF Cynthia Edwards McCrary (retired teacher and Flora Alumna '09) HAVE BEEN RECEIVED FROM THE FOLLOWING:

(add your name here)
Gary Zuk Edwards in honor of Tom Edwards and in memory of Cynthia Edwards McCrary '69
Charlie Farrell '62
Gary Zuk Edwards '62

(add your name here
(add your name here)
Julian and Cynthia Zuk '64 Dew
Cynthia Zuk Dew '64
Tom Brock '64
Bob Postal '64
(add your name here)
George Matthews '65

(add your name here)
Jimmy Livingston '66

(add your name here)
(add your name here)
David Traylorr '68
Marcia Brand Fair '68
Terry '68 and Diane Barnes
(add your name here)
Jerry Watson '69

Elaine Hitopolos Messier '69
Doug Gore '69
Anna Belle Heyward Kibler '69
Joel Silverfield '69
Debbie Daniel '69
Emily Grice Lumpkin '69
Warren Tompkins '69
Arthur Suggs '69
Mike '69 and Cathie Daetwyler
Ken Graham '69
John and Minta Warren '69 Floyd
Mike Boger '69
Noel Hudson Kunes '69
Robert Weston '69
Cathy Price Stitt '69
Jon Pearson '69
David Yon '69

John Kirk '69
Debbie Carson '69
Al Sirmon '69
Carter Heyward Morris '69
Margie McCrory Hicks '69
Bette Jamison Inglett '69
Cathy Keenan Mayo '69
Laurie Harper Auld '69
Julie Buckalew Jackson '69
Betty Joyce Nash '69
Jeanne Faulk Robinson '69
Lucie Moore Hughes '69
Sherry Linton Dunphy '69

(add your name here)
Donn McCrary

Jim and Becky Edwards

Bailey Escrow Fund of Central Carolina Community Foundation 
Mack Whittle (Tom's SAE fraternity brother)
Bernadette Scott (former principal of AC Flora)
Donn McCrary (Cynthia's husband)

Patricia McCrary (Cynthia's daughter)
Tom Edwards (Cynthia's twin brother)

How did it all begin?

Letter From Charlie FarrellLetter From J. Mac Bennett Foundation Agreement Document

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