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The FIRST FIVE YEARS Reunion ... OVERWHELMING SUCCESS ... Way to go Falcons!

A.C. Flora High School

First Five Years Reunion


15 October 2005

Reunion News

Way to go FALCONS!

What a special weekend this has been!  I am so blessed to have worked on this reunion and to have talked and visited with so many of you over the past several months. It has been an incredible team effort with everyone helping in his or her own way...  a little like an orchestra where each instrument is necessary for the symphony.  Some sections of the orchestra have many of the same instruments (like the violins) that play during the entire piece with such steadiness that we often fail to notice the individual musicians, while other sections have instruments that only play once or twice during a symphony with such a big bang or unique sound that everyone knows who made the music.  So it is with this reunion... and everyone knows we have a great orchestra!

I would like to give a special round of applause to the following falcons who have helped to make this weekend such a special time for so many:

  1. Charlie Farrell '62
  2. Julian Bosworth '62
  3. Larry Robinson '62
  4. Tom Watson '62
  5. Mary Baskins Duvall '62
  6. Brenda Geibel Newman '63
  7. Dan Goolsby '64
  8. Harriette Cheek Carr '65
  9. Winnie Beach Pace '65
  10. Nancy Hancock Moseley '66
  11. Chris Bumgartner, A.C. Flora Video Producation Teacher &
  12. The students of Mr. Bumgartner's  video production class
  13. Mary Conner, A.C. Flora Art Teacher &
  14. The students of Ms. Connor's art class
  15. John Small, Internet Service Provider

I would also like to share my most very special thank yous to my family...

"... sounds the joyous cry, "Excelsior!" as we ever push ahead. Higher,higher flies the falcon ..."   We're moving on to the next level... GO FALCONS!

Jane Garrick Dyke '64

(The class of 1964 may not be #1 ... but we ARE the best!)

Reunion News

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